10 Seasonal Editions of Indian Classical Music concerts A mehfil is a gathering or evening of courtly entertainment of poetry or concert of Indian classical music (particularly Hindustani classical music), performed for a small audience in an intimate setting. Historically, mehfils were presented in the homes or palaces of royalty or noblemen, who acted as these artists’ patrons. Today they are generally given in the homes of especially avid music lovers. To create a bigger exposure for Indian Classical Music performed by artists who are based in The Netherlands, Imperceptible Art has set up a seasonal series of musical gatherings. We not only aim to provide a platform for these artists, but to bring together a divers group of listeners. Young and old can come and join these homely concerts, as this music is universal to the ear. Every season will have its own musical picture painted by colors of recitals performed by artists in Indian classical music. All partaking artists are either fully trained in The Netherlands or are developing their level of artistry here. Sarod by Avi People might be talented in a particular field, only to leave it for a moment, broaden his horizon and gain life experience. Experience can be painful at times, but also very beneficial. Unfortunate situations opened Avi’s creative spirit and unleashed his musical talents once again. He came across a wide range of different music styles, genres and identities, from which he evolved as a solo classical sarod player and developed his music production skill, creating musical art like he was destined to do. Avi didn’t really have to “learn” the art. Deriving from a multitalented and creative family, it was no surprise he picked up musical skill in his preteen years. His dad took him under his wing and he learned keyboards and piano, following with lessons in western classical music playing the Cello. This allowed him to perform alongside a Chamber Ensemble and Youth Orchestra. There was a lot of room to play with for young Avi. He got acquainted with Indian classical music, not in the last place due to his Indian origin. Inspiration came from his cousin Siddharth Kishna, a well-known sitar artist. But it was the renowned Guru Koustuv Ray who gave him lessons and became Avi’s musical guide, inspirator, teacher and friend. At 16 Avi was invited by his Guru to join the Rotterdam Conservatorium (now Codarts). A new faculty opened up which was right up his alley: Indian Classical Music. He passed the admitting exam, while being the youngest student at the time. Recognizing his talent, Avi was asked to be the music director and producer for his father’s epic play, Ramlila. It was the first time ever Avi got familiar with producing. And he was proud beyond limits, because his Guru took part and sang to the music. During this period, Avi performed as a sarod player at different stages, was interviewed for national TV, performed live on national radio and acted in Hindustani folk theater plays. At 22, Avi decided to leave music behind and pursue a career in business. This literally didn’t go unrewarded. In a decade the entrepreneur grew to be a successful businessman, winning many awards like Owner of the Year Award in 2008. In 2005 Avi briefly returned to music. As part of an ensemble, he performed (next to Siddharth) at former Dutch queen Beatrix’ 25th anniversary. In 2010, when confronted with drastic change in (personal) life he unfortunately had to close down his business. But this made way for music once again. He emerged as part of a new breed of music producers. And it was only a matter of time for his first public sarod performance, after being absent for 7 years. That year he also landed his first couple of assignments, producing soundscapes for documentaries, TV-shows and setting up projects for Imperceptible Art. As his skill, enthusiasm and professionalism didn’t remain unnoticed, more and more renowned artists got familiar with Avi and are eager to collaborate. Believing like many other major global artist say: “There will eventually be only one genre, as the world becomes smaller, more influences will cross each other and will be an example of how theworld should be”. Therefore Avi is music and music is his World… If you would like to hear Avi’s solo performances on his Sarod as well as his music productions for Imperceptible Art, go to: Soundcloud or check out some clips on YouTube. Ps As if he’s not busy enough, Avi also founded a voluntary community coaching concept (YOUth Coach) in 2012, practicing in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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Het Verhaal van de Dochter van een Kantraki

Op 5 juni 2023 zal het 150 jaar geleden zijn dat de eerste contractanten uit het toenmalige Brits Indië voet zetten op de bodem van de Nederlandse kolonie Suriname.  Dit gebeuren gaan wij op een bijzondere en unieke manier vieren.

Ramdew Krishna kreeg enkele jaren geleden het idee hierover een stripboek te maken. Gaandeweg veranderde dit idee in een beeldverhaal, ook omdat hij de illustraties dan mooier in het boek kon krijgen.

De inspiratie van dit verhaal heeft hij uit de vele verhalen die hij van mijn moeder optekende, zijn eigen ervaringen, de Surinaamse geschiedenis en zijn eigen fantasie.

Hij schildert meestal met olieverf op doek (zie en dus begon hij in 2020 met het vervaardigen van de illustraties en de teksten. Het werden in totaal 106 doeken van 50x70 die in het najaar van 2022 uiteindelijk werden afgemaakt. Met de omslag en de achterkant is het totaal aantal illustraties 108 geworden.

Na veel tegenslagen werd door ons bestuur besloten het boek zelf uit te geven en na alle professionele inbreng  (redactie en vormgeving) is het manuscript thans naar de drukker.

Het boek krijgt een harde omslag, A4 formaat en 112 pagina’s op kwalitatief goed en zwaar papier.

De prijs is gesteld op € 24,50 exclusief verzendkosten.

Dit unieke werk wordt in een beperkte oplage uitgegeven. U kunt nu al één of meer exemplaren reserveren door een mail te sturen naar info@natak,nl.  U krijgt dan gedetailleerde informatie over de bestel procedure. Op dit moment zijn er al heel wat bestellingen gedaan, dus is het zaak uw exemplaar z.s.m. te reserveren.

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